tiur from gaeta to terracina

A guided tour of the Odyssey Coast with a professional guide is an exciting summer journey through the history, tradition and culture of Terracina and San Felice Circeo.

Terracina is known as a mythical place celebrated by Horace and Goethe. Here the magical world of the Etruscans took its development. Terracina is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, golden sands, azure skies and majestic cliffs. This city also keeps unique monuments of the antiquity: the Temple of Jupiter, mosaics of the 5th century. at the Cathedral, Appian Way, Neapolitan Gate.

San Felice Circeo is a calm, cozy and incredibly sunny city. Here, the comfort of living and the developed modern infrastructure of many kilometers of beaches have merged in symbiosis with ancient monuments from the times of the battle of the brave Odysseus with the insidious Circe. A walk through the old crooked streets of San Felice Circeo, filled with antique stylized artisan shops, taverns and workshops, will create a complete feeling of time stopped.

At your request, we can also compose an individual excursion, in accordance with all your requirements. You can always check the cost of excursions from Gaeta and detailed programs of excursion tours by mail info@gaeta.taxi or by phone: +39-329-725-6761.

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