naples excursions

If you have already familiarized yourself with all the sights of Gaeta, then you should definitely visit another equally colorful city. We offer you an excursion tour to the most picturesque Italian city of Naples! It is located very close to Gaeta, so it is simply unforgivable not to visit it!

Naples is traditionally considered the birthplace of pizza. And we can say with complete certainty that to this day the most delicious Italian pizza is prepared in Naples. It’s all about the special dough recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Our guides will take you to the most authentic Neapolitan pizzeria where locals eat and no tourists at all.

A guided tour to Naples will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the local historical and architectural sights. A must-see is Plebiscito Square, Castel Nuovo, Castel del Ovo, Umberto I Gallery, San Carlo Theater, Cappella Sansevero, formerly a chapel and a private burial vault of the noble Sangro family.
We can also include in the excursion program climbing Mount Vesuvius and visiting Pompeii.

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